Best Rooftop Bar in North Goa Near Anjuna Beach

Best Rooftop Bar in North Goa Near Anjuna Beach

What things come up in your mind when you make a list of famous things in Goa and must-do activities in this smallest state? Having booze at Goa will be one of the foremost things that you don't want to miss on your vacations.

So are you ready to plan your trip to Goa and enjoy your vacation at the best rooftop bar in North Goa near Anjuna beach?

Goa is one of the states, where you will find alcohol at very cheap prices. The government of the state has done this to attract more tourists to Goa to develop the economy of the state as tourism is one of the major sources of income for people.

There are more than 10000 licensed bars in Goa where you can enjoy your vacations uniquely. However, choosing the best bar in Goa will be as complex as finding a needle in a haystack.

If you are searching for a perfect place, you have landed right here as here in this article we are going to recommend you the best Rooftop Bar in Goa.

Yes, you are thinking it right, it is none other than Anjoned Cafe & Hostel which is the best rooftop bar near Anjuna beach. So, let us discuss some of the reasons why we have tagged this bar cum cafe with this title.

Easily Accessible Location

This rooftop bar is located in one of the happening places of Goa i.e. Anjuna. The famous Anjuna beach is located just within walking distance of this rooftop bar. A majority of the nightlife of Goa is concentrated in Anjuna and Vagator areas only, by visiting this bar, you can enjoy the nightlife.

In-Built Cafe

What more can satisfy you than delicious food? Anjoned Cafe & Resort is one of the best cafe in Anjuna North Goa that offers multi-cuisine dishes at very reasonable prices. The chefs working here are highly skilled and know to fill the taste in dishes from different parts of the world. This cafe remains open 24x7 which means you can order food from this place round the clock.

Offers a Wide Range of Drinks

Are you thinking that some people in your group don't drink alcohol, so you can't visit this rooftop bar? This rooftop bar not only offers alcoholic drinks but also non-alcoholic drinks which makes this a perfect rooftop bar in Anjuna to enjoy a beautiful evening.

Here other than local Goan alcoholic drinks, you can also have imported beers and wines.

Beautiful Décor

The ambiance of this bar is quite alluring that will attract you. This rooftop bar near the beach offers you the magnificent look of the Anjuna area that would add some stars to your evening.

Final Words

Now you must be clear why we have tagged this bar as the best rooftop bar in North Goa near Anjuna beach. If you are visiting Goa anytime soon, you should visit Anjoned Cafe & Hostel in Anjuna. So come to this fascinating bar with your friends and enjoy the vibes of Goa to the fullest.


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