Anjoned Hostel & Cafe

Why Should You Choose Anjoned Over The Other Hostels

When you are visiting Goa, you need to make sure that comfort, food, and environment, everything is up to the mark. And you might think that this is possible only when you stay at a ritzy resort or hotel, but Anjoned breaks this notion with flying colours.

This hostel near Anjuna beach has been delivering perfect services for many years. It provides multi-cuisine food and makes every item scrumptious as well. When it comes to staying, you find the beds extremely comfortable and flawless.

Here’s What Anjoned Does To Delight Its Customers

Anjoned makes its guests familiar with first-rate services available at a very affordable cost. It makes each of them not just satisfactory but outstanding in nature. And in case you want to dedicate some time to your work while enjoying your tour, then you can do it here seamlessly.

The uninterrupted wifi ensures that you can tend to your work whenever you want with ease. Since you are coming to Goa with the intent of having fun, we make certain that you can do it without any regrets. We ensure that the basics are correct so you don’t think of anything else but your itinerary and activities.

We bring you closer to the land of Anjuna and help you explore some amazing places. With our services, families, solo travellers, and groups can make the most of their trip. This particular hostel keeps you ahead in your travel-related ventures and helps you get familiar with this region.

Keeping You Entertained & Enthralled

At Anjoned, you find a very tourist-friendly environment that keeps the whole experience very exhilarating. Also, you find many things that keep you entertained like the lively karaoke performances and other events held here on a regular basis.

As mentioned above, food adds a very delicious touch to the trip and makes it totally memorable. When you are busy exploring the beauty and Anjuna and Goa, we make certain that belongings are safe with us. Also, when you come back tired, you get a pleasing welcome with refreshing drinks too.

Every evening in Anjoned is special and it amplifies the fun to a high degree. It also gives you some amazing moments and helps you feel elated about every single thing. There are many things that you can enjoy in this place and we make all of it absolutely amazing.

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Apt For Celebrations & Events

If you want to celebrate some special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion during your stay, then you make them memorable at Anjoned. At this place, you are able to make all those celebrations grander. You can make them aptly enjoyable.

No matter how long or short your stay is, we make it favourable and happening as per your taste. We allow you to live every moment and give you insights into this place. At this place, you are able to add a lot more fun to your getaway and enjoy every moment to its fullest.

There are so many things you can relish at Anjoned and we succeed in making your trip unforgettable. We help you get a perfect experience and lots of fun at a very low cost. With us, you spend some great moments that are full of thrills and bliss.


Anjoned Café & Hostel ensures that your tour becomes an unmatched experience and you remember it for good. We give you a perfect environment and services that excel at every front. If you are planning to visit Anjuna, stay with us and excel the fun.

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