Top Things to Do Near Anjuna Beach North Goa

Top Things to Do Near Anjuna Beach North Goa

Goa is a top holiday destination in India that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Goa is termed by various other names such as “Tourist Paradise” and “Pearl of the Orient”. This state is the smallest in India but its party vibes and hippie culture are the highest which makes it the perfect place to enjoy your vacations.

There are different areas in Goa and each has its unique quality, however, the locality that tops the list for party animals and the majority of Tourists is Anjuna. The Anjuna is a small village in North Goa that is famous for its beach, night markets, late-night parties, nightclubs, water sports, backpackers hostels in Anjuna, and many more things.

If you are visiting Goa and planning to stay at Anjuna, this blog is the perfect place for you as here we will explore the Top Things to Do Near Anjuna Beach North Goa. We will also recommend you the best place to stay in North Goa at the end of this article.

Visit Anjuna Beach to Explore its Beauty and Relax for Hours

Anjuna Beach is stretched over 2 km and is no less than heaven for tourists due to its scenic beauty and natural surroundings. Hills in the close distance, scattered laterite rocks, silvery white sand, coconut trees, and gentle foaming waves from the Arabian Sea decorate its coastal scenery. It offers a pleasantly calm, laid-back attitude during the day, where you can simply sunbathe or relax by the waves in the light breeze.

Anjuna beach is one of the most visited beaches in Goa during the day as well as evening time. In the daytime, you can relax and take sunbathe whereas evening will put you in the party mood so you can take part in the frenzied beach parties while savoring a variety of multi-cuisine dishes and the finest drinks.

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Enjoy Water Sports

Enjoying water sports at Anjuna is one of the top activities to do in Anjuna Beach North Goa. Anjuna is one of the few places in India that gives you chance to have fun with water sports. Spend your ideal vacation days here engaging in a variety of water sports activities that are filled with fun, adventure, and thrill. Get involved in a variety of captivating activities, like banana boat rides and parasailing.

Visit Weekly Markets at Night

In Anjuna, there are two famous weekly markets: the Saturday Night Market in Arpora and the Anjuna Flea Market. The Saturday Night Market is packed with artifacts, vibrant stalls, domestic and foreign crafts, food stalls offering cuisine from all over the world, and a center stage that holds live music, from India worldwide. It has recently gained popularity among tourists.

The Anjuna flea market on Wednesdays is the most well-liked among visitors. Everything from branded to unbranded goods, gadgets, handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, and even Indian spices may be found here.

Enjoy Parties at Nightclubs

This locality is filled with famous clubs and partying there is one of the Top Things to Do Near Anjuna Beach North Goa. Anjuna's party scene is really exciting. Most of the beach clubs and shacks are open to the public, and you won't be let down! This is the place to go if you want to party, club, dance trance, with hippies, and in an environment where east and west collide.

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In the peak tourist season which runs from Christmas to New Year, there are full moon parties, spectacular fire performances, and incredible DJs. So relax, enjoy the vibrant nightlife, get in the party spirit, and dance the night away from dusk until dawn.

Experience a Cozy Stay at One of the Backpacker's Hostel

Anjuna is full of various backpackers' hostels. Such hostels are affordable places to stay in North Goa if you are on a budget trip. There are various unique things that you can experience in these backpacker hostels. You can book a bed in a shared dormitory, meet and become friends with new people, and can also play certain indoor games.

If you are a working professional, you can also plan to stay at these hostels as the majority of them provide the best co-working space in North Goa.

Final Words

If we term Goa as the jewel of India, Anjuna could be referred to as the most expensive diamond in that jewel. The above-mentioned list of Top Things to Do Near Anjuna Beach North Goa is not complete as there are many more activities that you can enjoy when you visit this beautiful state.

We recommend you plan your stay at Anjuna only to reduce the burden of traveling to enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

We recommend that you should plan your stay at Anjoned Hostels & Cafe as it is the best backpacker hostel in North Goa. They are offering dormitories, private rooms, and family rooms as accommodations that are equipped with all the modern amenities. There is also a common area where you can meet other fellow travelers and socialize with themTheir in-built cafe and bar serves the clients round the clock.

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