Solo Trip to Goa –Useful Things To Know Before You Go

Solo Trip to Goa –Useful Things To Know Before You Go

We as humans are considered social animals as we live within a community and host & attend several social events. However, many times due to fulfilling our social commitments, we did not get personal space or “me time”.

Every individual wants some personal space but due to our personal and professional commitments, we are unable to get the same. Due to this, the trend of solo trips is getting popular. A solo trip is a perfect way to spend time with yourselves without the interference of others. The location you choose for your solo trip will enhance the fun and adventure of your vacation.

If you are planning a solo trip to Goa, you should know certain things beforehand. So, that your trip gives you lifetime memories and does not become a disaster. This blog is written to provide you with useful things to know before planning a solo trip to Goa.

Goa is the Safest Destination

This one, let's all agree on. The safety rating of a destination is one of the main factors that deter individuals from ever considering taking a trip there, whether locally or internationally.

Let me tell you something Goa is kind to people travelling alone. The answer to the question "is Goa safe for female travellers?" is "yes." One of the safest locations in India for a single female traveller to visit in Goa, so there's no need to worry about security there.

Goa is a Great Place to Make New Friends

Goa attracts thousands of young people and the young in heart all year long because it is a well-known party destination, home to numerous music festivals, and international concerts, and a haven for artists of all types.

Goa is one of the greatest places to meet people of all types and ages. If you're looking for places to visit by yourself, so you should consider planning a solo trip to Goa. If you want to meet new people when travelling, numerous areas are great, including backpackers' hostels, bars, cafés, and pubs.

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Goa is Having World Class Backpackers Hostels

One of the main factors that make Goa one of the best destinations for solo travelers is the availability of cheaper accommodations dispersed all over the state. The backpacker's hostels can be easily found in the most visited locations of Goa such as Anjuna, Vagator, Baga, and Calangute.

If you are on a budget-friendly solo trip to Goa, we recommend you plan your stay at Anjoned Hostels & Cafe as it is the best hostel in Anjuna, North Goa. By choosing this place as your accommodation, you can be able to double the fun of your trip as you will get the chance to live in the heart of Goa. Here you can meet new people and become friends with them. Also, you will be able to enjoy different activities such as indoor games, Goa cultural tours, horror movie nights, and many more things that the staff of this backpackers hostel in Goa organizes for their guests.

Enjoy the Excellent Nightlife of Goa

The nightlife in Goa is fantastic for solo travellers, which is why so many young people this party-holic state. If you are considering travelling alone to Goa before getting married, you might want to do so because there are many great destinations for bachelors to visit there.

Goa is one of the finest places for solo travelers to enjoy themselves alone and meet other people. Because the clubs and pubs stay open for the whole night on the weekends. With lots of concerts, sports, and entertainment until late hours.

If you want to visit a cheap but place full of great vibes, we recommend you to visit Anjoned Cafe which is the best bar in North Goa that offers different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at very affordable rates. On weekends, they organize music concerts by calling famous bands where you can enjoy till dawn.

Goan Cuisine is Delicious

The food always remains one of the most important parts of any trip. You will fall in love with Goan cuisine right away if you are a foodie, especially if you like seafood. There are many possibilities, whether you want to eat in a nice dining establishment with a posh atmosphere or prefer to stay close to home.

We recommend trying the Goan cuisine at Anjoned Cafe as it is the best cafe in North Goa. Here along with Goan cuisine, you can try dishes across the globe. Here you can expect the best taste at very reasonable prices to satisfy your appetite.

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You Can Visit Goa in Any Month of the Year

Almost all months are ideal for traveling to Goa, except the summer season which is from March to May. If you are on a budget-friendly trip. You can plan a solo trip to Goa during monsoon months since they are the low season and draw the fewest tourists.

However, the best time to visit Goa is from November to February. As you can experience the same vibes of Goa that you have seen in movies. As most of the tourists head towards this beautiful state in these months for celebrating New Year and Christmas.

Final Words

Aren't the above-mentioned things enhanced your excitement to go on a solo trip to Goa? We also want to recommend that if you are going to Goa. You should plan your stay at North Goa as this part of the state offers you the vibes that you must be looking for. North Goa is the place that hosts never-ending night parties and is home to some of the most famous clubs and cafes.

We strongly suggest you book your stay at Anjoned Hostels & Cafe as it is the best backpacker hostel cum cafe in North Goa where you will be able to enjoy a comfortable & safe stay, enjoy parties and satisfy your taste buds with the mouthwatering dishes.

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