Best Place to Stay in Goa

Best Place to Stay in Goa during Christmas Celebration

The holiday season is just around the corner, so it is the perfect time to visit Goa. Of all other tourist destinations, this land of sun, sand, and sea is ideal for celebrating Christmas.

Being a Christian-dominated region, Goa is the best place to experience the birth of Jesus Christ with full enthusiasm. The climate of Goa acts as a cherry on the cake that enhances holidaying at this time.

Goa offers many of the best Christmas resorts and hostels in Anjuna for those seeking accommodation. They cater to all pockets, ranging from luxurious to budget-friendly options.

But you don’t need to get lost in the hassle of finding the proper hostel or resort in that season. Irrespective of their star rankings, many hostels in North Goa organize Christmas celebrations for their guests to experience the best of all whilst staying with them.

Where to Celebrate Christmas in North Goa?

In North Goa, you can celebrate Christmas at some famous beaches, including Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, and Candolim. Also, many beachside shacks, resorts, and hostels in North Goa organize special Christmas events and dinners.

Moreover, you can attend midnight Mass at one of the most beautiful churches, such as the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa. It can add a spiritual touch to your celebration. You can even check with the local area for specific events and festive activities during Christmas.

Things to do in North Goa during Christmas

Let’s explore what you can do in North Goa to celebrate Christmas!

  • Beach Celebrations

You can head to some of the most popular beaches, like Anjuna, Vagator, Baga, and Candolim, to experience lively Christmas celebrations. You can even find many resorts, beach shacks, and hostels organizing special events, parties, and dinners.

  • Midnight Mass

If you are spiritual, you can experience the traditional side of Christmas by attending the midnight mass at one of the historic churches of Goa, like the Basilica of Bom Jesus. It will add a spiritual touch to the festive season.

  • Candlelight Dinners

Enjoy an evening with a candlelight dinner with your friends and family at one of the beachside shacks. You can find many places that offer special Christmas menus with a mix of Goan and international cuisine.

  • Festive Markets

You can explore the local markets in North Goa for Christmas shopping. You can find various unique gifts, decorations, and traditional Goan crafts there. One of the famous markets, Mapusa Market, is well-known for its vibrant atmosphere.

  • Water Sports

If you are adventurous, you can try water sports at the beaches. From parasailing to jet-skiing, you can find many water sports activities in North Goa for thrill-seekers.

  • Boat Cruises

You can take a Christmas-themed boat cruise along the rivers. Some operators in North Goa are well-known for offering special cruises with festive decorations, music, and entertainment.

  • Live Music & Performances

Consider checking out the live music events and performances happening at popular events. It is a great way to soak in the festive vibes and enjoy local talent. It is an opportunity to engage with the local community and have a Christmas celebration in North Goa.

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Goan Christmas Delicacies to Try Out

If you are in Goa at this time of the year, you must try these fantastic Christmas delicacies while on your trip!

  • Bebinca: It is a famous Goan Christmas delicacy, a multi-layered sweet. It is served with almonds and ice cream.
  • Dodol: It is a pudding with a unique flavour of jaggery and creamy coconut milk.
  • Baath: It is a traditional Goan cake made of semolina and coconut milk. It is especially baked during Christmas.
  • Pinaca: It is another Christmas sweet, which is made with rice, jaggery, and coconut.
  • Kokad: It is a Christmas sweet made with fine semolina and coconut.
  • Roce Cookies: This traditional Christmas delicacy is made using coconut milk and rice flour.
  • Bolinhas: These are cookies made of semolina and coconut. It is a must-try delicacy in Goa during Christmas.
  • Marzipan: It is made of almond paste. But, in Goa, it is made using cashew nuts. It is kneaded into different styles and designs.
  • Kulkul: These are deep-fried bites shaped into shells and sugar-glazed.

It’s A Wrap

Celebrating Christmas in Goa can be done in several ways – partying on the beaches till late at night, trying delicious Goan food, or visiting churches to offer prayers.

But, one thing that affects the overall quality of the trip is choosing a place to stay in Goa. Anjoned Hostel & Cafe in Anjuna Beach provides the best budget-friendly accommodation to visitors. They even organize special events such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more.

If you plan to visit Goa for the Christmas celebrations, Anjoned is your go-to place. It is the best place in North Goa to celebrate Christmas.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with packing your bags for Christmas like never before!

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