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Affordable Private Rooms in North Goa

No matter you are a party freak or like to spend a private vacation in Goa you can experience both. In this small state of India, there are more than thirty-five beaches. It is a place where everyone can immerse themselves in different activities like beachside parties, water sports, shopping, and more. To spend your vacations there are many affordable private rooms in north Goa for your budgeted beach holiday.

In today’s generation scores of people like to travel solo and want to explore more in a pocket-friendly budget. There is no need to worry whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with your loved ones. You will get a variety of budget-friendly private rooms in backpackers hostels in north Goa.

People think that hostels are only for the bachelor's because of mixed dorms but lots of hostels provide affordable private rooms in North Goa. In this blog, we will investigate some of the best hostels in Goa near the beach with private rooms. Where you can spend exciting vacations with your loved ones.

Top Properties With Private Rooms in North Goa

1. Anjoned Hostel & Cafe

Private room in North Goa

This is one of the best hostels in North Goa near Anjuna Beach. Here travelers will get all the necessary luxuries within a pocket-friendly budget. Every second person likes to live in a private room. By keeping this in mind they offer the choices of rooms in which you can book an affordable private room in Goa or a mixed dorm.

On this property, guests can enjoy various activities like indoor games and live music. To ends your day perfectly you can sip a drink of your choice whether is alcoholic or not in the hostel's cafe cum bar.

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2. White Flower Cottages

resort in north goa

Nestled near the pristine Vagator Beach, White Flower Cottages is a resort in North Goa that offers a blissful retreat with a range of accommodations. The Garden View rooms provide a serene escape surrounded by lush greenery, while the Pool View rooms offer a refreshing ambiance with views of the sparkling pool. For those seeking an elevated experience, the Suite Rooms combine luxury and comfort, providing a spacious and sophisticated retreat.

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3. Sort By Stays

hostel in goa

No one wants to stay in an ordinary hostel when they are on a Goa trip. To rejuvenate your soul this hostel is situated near the beach we can say that a beachfront hostel in Goa. In this hostel, there is a chance to get your travel partner because there is a common area where you can spend your time and meet with other guests.

If you choose this hostel you will get many facilities like free wifi, parking, and more. The location of this property is near Anjuna Beach where you can easily access the beach without hiring public transport.

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4. White Flower Morjim

Best resort in north goa

This resort near Morjim Beach positioned in the scenic North Goa, White Flower Morjim invites guests to a coastal paradise. The Standard Pool View rooms offer delightful views of the pool surroundings, providing a refreshing stay. Meanwhile, the Standard Field View rooms allow guests to immerse themselves in the natural landscape. For an enhanced experience, the Suite Rooms offer a perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

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5. Swim Up

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A stylish hotel in Vagator, Swimup stands out with its Suites featuring private pools, offering a luxurious and intimate setting in the heart of Goa. Guests can bask in the exclusivity of their pool while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Vagator. The carefully designed suites provide a perfect blend of modern amenities and a chic ambiance for a truly indulgent stay.

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Final Words

Now after reading this blog, you have various options to choose affordable private rooms in North Goa. As your journey through the captivating landscapes of North Goa unfolds, the diverse accommodations offered by Anjoned Hostels in Anjuna, Sort By Stays in North Goa, White Flower Cottages near Vagator Beach, White Flower Morjim near Morjim Beach, and Swimup in Vagator promise a memorable stay.

Whether you seek the tranquility of garden views, the refreshing ambiance of poolside retreats, or the epitome of luxury in spacious suites, these properties cater to varied preferences. As you explore the vibrant beaches and cultural richness of North Goa, let the comfort and elegance of these accommodations enhance your experience, ensuring that your stay becomes a cherished chapter in the story of your Goan getaway.

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