Best Holi Celebration Place in Anjuna North Goa

Best Holi Celebration Place in Anjuna North Goa

Holi is one of the major festivals in Hinduism that is celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm. This festival of colours marks the arrival of spring when we can go crazy by colouring each other with gulal and water.

The icing on the cake will be if you get a chance to celebrate Holi in Goa. This smallest state is known for hosting massive Holi parties at different locations in the state. By attending these parties you can enhance the festivity of this much-awaited festival by eating, dancing and partying hard beyond your expectations.

If you are confused about where to celebrate Holi in Goa, this is the right place through this blog we are going to recommend with best Holi Celebration Place in Anjuna North Goa. Yes!!!! you have guessed right, we are going to recommend Anjoned Hostels & Cafe which is a backpackers hostel in North Goa and known for organizing mind-blowing Holi parties.

Before knowing about the Holi party organized by this property, let us explore the significance of Holi in Goa.

Holi in Goa: Shigmotsav

Holi is a vibrant and colourful festival celebrated across India, including Goa. In Goa, Holi is known as Shigmo or Shigmotsav, and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour. Shigmo is a spring festival that usually falls in February and March and is a time when people come together to celebrate the arrival of spring and the new agricultural season.

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During Shigmo, people take to the streets to sing, dance, and throw colours at each other. Traditional folk dances such as the Ghode Modni, Goff, and Fugdi are performed, and processions are held in many towns and villages. The festival is also marked by the display of colourful floats that depict scenes from Goan mythology and folklore.

Why Anjoned is the Best Place for Holi Celebrations in North Goa?

There are enough reasons why Anjoned Hostels & Cafe is termed the best place to celebrate Holi in Anjuna North Goa. So, let us look at a few of those reasons.

Experience an Offbeat Holi Celebration with Anjoned

If you are bored with the traditional ways of celebrating Holi, Anjoned offers you an opportunity to experience offbeat Holi Celebrations. By attending a party at this property, you can be able to experience something more groovy as it is one of the best party spots in Goa. The management of this property will arrange musicians and artists for the Holi party which will double the fun of your festivity.

Promotes Eco-Friendly Holi

In recent years, there have been some concerns about the environmental impact of the use of synthetic colours during Holi. As a result, many people in Goa are now opting for natural, eco-friendly colours made from flowers, turmeric, and other natural ingredients. This has helped to reduce the environmental impact of the festival and make it more sustainable.

Anjoned Hostels focus on this fact and uses herbal colours to ensure your safety and to protect nature from harmful chemicals.

Celebrate Holi with Hundreds of Fellow Backpackers

Anjoned Hostels is one of the most recommended backpackers hostel in Anjuna, North Goa. Due to this, you will witness a huge crowd of backpacker travellers, especially during any festival time. If you are a solo traveller, then also you can be able to enjoy the festivity of this colourful festival to the fullest as you will be able to make friends with other like-minded travellers.

Final Words

Goa is a perfect blend of cultural heritage and parties. The traditional festivals like Holi in Goa are celebrated in a unique manner that you cannot experience in any other part of India. If you are tight on a budget but want to attend a fascinating Holi Party in North Goa at one of the fabulous locations, don't give it a second thought while booking your stay with Anjoned Hostels. We ensure you that celebrating Holi at this place to stay in Anjuna would facilitate you in getting lifetime memories with endless fun.

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