Delicious Food in North Goa

Where Can I Get Delicious Food In North Goa?

Goa is prominently known for beaches, parties, colonial-era buildings, and a culture influence by the west. Goa is also a place where you get to taste amazing food which is a mix of different cuisines. Here’s you get a little of Konkan style along with the Indian style and authentic methods of preparing food.

If you stay near Anjuna beach in Goa, you get a chance to taste delightful food at Anjoned Cafe & Hostel. This is a place that has been serving scrumptious food to all its guests for years. Keeping in mind that people in many regions of the country come to stay here, we make the items of different regions available.

With us, trying different types of foods and relishing their taste becomes easier. The beautiful lobby adds an aesthetic appeal to your meals and the taste remains amazing always. No matter which cuisine you want to try, you never get disappointed. Our chefs make certain that you get mouth-watering treats every time.

Get Delicious Food in North Goa

If you talk about the choices, we serve Indian, continental, Chinese, Goan, seafood, and steak as well. From the main course to starters, and drinks, everything that you find here is perfect. Our cooking staff is not only experienced but they know how to add more zest to every food item.

They make food palatable and elate your mood impeccably. Here, the food is prepared with proficiency and there’s absolutely no chance of even getting a subpar taste. Moreover, the menu keeps expanding. We continue to serve the most delicious meals day after day.

While serving delicious items, we also take care of the choices of individuals staying at our hostel. From breakfast to dinner, we make every meal as per their preference. With this, we make certain our guests can feel satiated while exploring this beautiful place.

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We serve food with an aim of making the trip to Anjuna beach unforgettable for our guests. To make this possible, we make sure that the ingredients used are of apex quality. Besides that, we keep the kitchen hygienic. Also we ensure that the food is fresh always.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we are making sure that the entire area is properly sanitized from time to time. Our entire staff has been fully vaccinated and make certain all the guests who enter our hostel have a sound health disposition.

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