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Anjoned Cafe & Hostel: Experience Something New Every Moment

Beach land Goa and its natural beauty have not bounded by words, the feel you experience here is can’t be expressed. It refreshes your soul deep inside and makes you calm.

Anjuna Beach in North Goa is most in-vogue locale to explore; its bewitching vision fascinates sorts of travellers from all over world.

Are you visiting Goa? Stay tuned with us!

Anjoned CafeHostel in North Goa is an epic stay; when it comes to comfort, scenery view, food, hospitality and security then the best pick of the bunch is ANJONED. If you are visiting the Goa any time soon, put your party hats on and get the Anjoned Cafe & Hostel. You will set foot in an opulent that is forever buzzing with exhilaration.

Want to Experience Real Goa?

Goa is all about living life freely and enjoying company of free spirited travellers. If you want to try out something new & exciting away from nightclubs and beaches like The bird sanctuary, the e-bike ride and the feni tasting experience then we are here to guide you.

Anjoned’s management and staff ready to help with anything, and truly brings it alive with lots of stories, including personal connections. We will make sure your journey is nothing less than exhilarating and liberating.

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The team is very professional and friendly and share detailed guidance to travellers who wants to see the real beauty of Goa to take up this excursion. You will find yourself in a completely new place at Goa which you never knew existed till now.

Wave your Party Hats

Goa is Party capital of India. Nightlife in Goa is thrilling, chaotic, infamous and downright incredible. In Goa parties are the way to bring out your swag and hang on to your party hats.

Anjoned offers in-house bar filled with happy people relishing to the tunes from the notes of Rock & Jazz music playing incessant. Vivifying live bands & karaoke are always on the beats for those who take pleasure indulging themselves in some far-out empathy.

Live concerts & vents also one of attractions of Goa, Anjoned help out you best for these concerts and arrange things.

Brim- up your Appetite

Appetizing food is unavoidable thing and especially when you are in Goa it can’t be happen. Anjoned serves melange of national & international cuisines along with specific Goan food. You can’t even stop licking your fingers once you tried our menu.

Succulent food serves in modus operandi which will amaze you appetence. Variety of international & national veg-non veg food with luscious drinks will summon up your appetite volume.


Anjoned Cafe & Hostel is an up to the mark place in all the aspects stay and experience the best of Goa at this enclave of sophistication and luxury.

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