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Anjuna Beach Goa: Top Attractions and Things to Do

Are you thinking of taking a holiday to Goa this summer? Well, the weather is fine enough, and it’s the best time to go and enjoy yourself. Whether with family or alone, the holiday season is already here. You can enjoy the most beautiful and magical vacation moments ever.

Anjuna Beach, in North Goa, is one place loved by tourists while in Goa. Beaches are synonymous with Goa. And with the best hostels in North Goa near Anjuna Beach, you can surely have the time of your life.

So, what are the topmost attractions and things at Anjuna Beach, Goa? Let us track all the best you can do at Anjuna Beach in this blog below.

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The Best Attractions and Things You Can Do While at Anjuna Beach

1. Experience shopping at Anjuna Flea Market.

Anjuna Flea Market is a buzz of activity and life. Every visitor to this North Goa tourist attraction wants to experience its hype, life, and never-ending appeal to join in and experience what it has to offer. Mostly open on Wednesdays, Anjuna Flea Marketplace sells literally everything at the most reasonable prices.

This is also dependent on your bargaining skills. The market is lively, with people moving up and down. You can actually find time to relax and simply tap into the shopping therapy.

2. Splashdown Waterpark, Anjuna Beach.

Do you love water sports or activities? This is one adventure-filled water park in Anjuna that will surely elevate your fun and enjoyment while in North Goa. The water park has swimming pools, water slides, fun theme colors, and other tourist attractions.

Water park visitors can enjoy rides across all age groups. Besides, there are multiple water sports activities, like slides and flumes in multiple themes, and lots more.

3. Checkout Chapora Fort

The fort is very close to Anjuna Beach and gives tourists to this historical attraction picturesque views of both Anguna and Vagator Beaches. This vantage point lookout spot has been a must-visit place for several years now for tourists while in Anjuna.

Besides, this is a place where most tourists go to help them learn and explore the history of the fort, and Goa's past, and enjoy some great photography sessions.

4. Sip beverages, and cocktails, or read a book.

Anjuna offers ideal spots to enjoy your morning, afternoon, or evening just sitting back on the beach and enjoying great cocktails and beverages. You also get the serene and smooth Arabian Sea waves to caress your skin. Anjuna Beach is also known as a book reader’s paradise.

The calm, clean, and pristine nature of Anjuna Beach makes many tourists flock here given its slow-paced rhythm, perfect for relaxation with fewer effects of over-commercialization of everything.

5. Enjoy the multicuisine dishes on offer.

Food is synonymous with Goan culture, and its diverse food heritage and traditions keep drawing food lovers in huge numbers. Anjuna Beach has several eateries and restaurants to treat your tastebuds to a variety of lip-smacking Goan dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

6. Visit the ancient St. Michael's Church.

Also referred to as the Anjuna Church, or San Miguel Arcanjo Igreja em Anjuna, the ancient Roman Catholic church has a Portuguese-inspired architectural look. This church still stands tall and well-conserved from ancient times and draws several tourists to Anjuna and North Goa. It attracts both local and foreign tourists in large numbers today.

7. Enjoy the multiple watersports and activities.

Anjuna Beach is famed as a one-stop destination to enjoy several watersports and games right by the beach side. Apart from swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, and surfing, there are many other activities to keep you busy and entertained.

There are jet skis, windsurfs, sand surfs, banana boat rides, bumpy rides, and water scooter rides. Wave surfing or kite surfing at Anjuna Beach are thrilling experience with great wave and wind conditions on the Arabian Sea.

8. Nightlife and clubbing at Anjuna Beach.

The fun thing to do while at Anjuna is just to experience the fantastic nightlife Anjuna Beach has to offer. There is no shortage of cafes and clubs to experience firsthand the raw nightlife beach fun.

Extra Fun Facts and Tips. Anjuna Beach is located just about 15–20 kilometers from Panaji, the Goa State capital city. And you will find many ways to reach the beach, whether by taxis, autorickshaws, or renting bikes from Panaji to Anjuna.

The beach is very close to both Baga and Calangute Beaches. two other highly popular beach destinations while in North Goa. You can take cabs from Calangute or Baga Beach to reach Anjuna Beach. Check out the local art flavor by local artists at the Anjuna Art Gallery if you are into art.

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